Mindfull Action Retreat

‘All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking’  Nietzsche

A mindful action retreat will facilitate motion in the mind by actively moving in silence. The reatreat will take place on Mallorca focusing on nature, action and an open mind.

Long walks will open and shake the mind. Besides these walks, where thoughts may be flowing (often into a great idea or awareness) you will experience, if you like, an ultimate focus of the mind and body during a day of extreme mountain sports.

A clearer mind
You will leave the island with a shaken but clearer mind. Back home and back to business with new ideas and insights. These retreats are especially recommended for those who have busy lives with a lot of responsibilities. Nature, silence and action will give you the opportunity for reflection and awareness.

We will hike in the middle of the Siera de Tramuntana. Mallorca’s biggest mountain range will surprise you with great views and is challenging at the same time. We’ll walk for at least six hours and sleep in caves or out in the open air.

The power of silence
I have experienced that walking is much more than physically moving. Walking, in (sublime) nature opens the mind, allowing new perspectives to enter because you are totally out of the structures you are normally dealing with. Walking fascilitates a truly mindful experience especially if you choose to walk with a meditative mind every once in a while. This means you don’t speak for at least one hour and only concentrate on nature and your steps.

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